When They Come to Destroy Ulpana Homes

Posted on Jun 15 2012 at 07:02:14 AM in Politics

There are some calling for taking any steps that may prove necessary to obstruct the destruction and defend the residents of thirty families homes in the five buildings set for either being relocated or destroyed and duplicated to some alternate location. Rabbi Yuval Sherlow, head of the Petach Tikvah Hesder Yeshiva, has expressed rational warnings against taking such an absolute stand as such may lead to undesirable results which would cause violence and lead to injuries or even worse, death. Keeping this wise council in mind, what can be done which would prevent any actions from being executed by the government against these innocent Jews who reside in housing built with government assistance and are now under government threat of having the very same buildings destroyed? There must be some way of showing the government that the vast majority of Israelis are against such destructions without resorting to violence against our fellow Jews. Those who will be sent to execute this vile judgment are not the ones who made the decision and very well might be favorable to preserving these homes but left with little choice as they are under what may actually be a legal order from their superiors. They are not to blame and thus should not have the hands of their brothers and sisters raised against them. Should those judges, activists, or others who forced this situation upon their brothers and sisters bravely show themselves at the execution resultant of their vile deeds, the displeasure of the people should be made evident without threat or violence even to those guilty of this criminal action. Above all else, we need to remember that as Jews we are a family, we are all related even if we may need to trace our roots back to Joseph, we are still brethren.

What we are able to do is demonstrate overwhelming disapproval of these destructions. From articles, interviews and polls on this action it appears that the majority of Israelis disapprove and simply need to be given a path with which to display such. Give these people the chance to help resist the government action against our brothers and sisters. Use the social media as we have seen it used in many other demonstrations. Set up a system, an application whereby a call-up can be executed to gather masses of supporters relatively quickly. There is only a need to have a fast response sufficient to require twenty minutes delay by simply sitting and ringing the threatened buildings. No active resistance is necessary, passive resistance will be sufficient to start. Once the call has been sent, the chains of people who have promised their support can be called rapidly by social media and they can continue to gather replacing those already moved by taking their place. As long as the numbers continue to arrive the buildings cannot be taken down. There is a limit as to how many people can be taken into custody at one time. Once it becomes apparent that there are going to be far more protesters than the system is able to handle, the demolition will be postponed. And as the liberals use as their method against the price of cottage cheese, rinse repeat as necessary. Every time they come to destroy, then come and prevent by sheer numbers. As long as the majority of Israel is willing to bring these vengeful and horrific destructions of the lives of our fellow Jews, that is how long we need to show our love for our brothers and sisters who are under these attacks. Today it is Ulpana, where will it be tomorrow? One last thought, do you honestly believe that these challenges to where Jews live will stop at the Green Line or is it possible that these lunatics will eventually challenge Jerusalem, then the Galilee, then the kibbutzim, then the religious neighborhoods, and then who would be safe? All it takes for these demolitions against Jews to continue throughout all of Israel is enough people who want Israel destroyed. Trust that there are more than sufficient of these peoples. They came for the settlements, but I did not protest for I was not a settler. Then they came for the kibbutzniks, but I did not care as I was not a kibbutznik. Then they came for the Haredi, but I did nothing as I was not an Haredi. I think you can fill in the rest. Do not wait for them to come for you just because you are a Jew, for by then there will be too few Jews left to fight.

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