When the Time to Move Out Comes

Posted on Oct 13 2011 at 03:30:10 AM in How-To

London is a big city and probably more than 10 % of its citizens are living on rent. And I'm sure that every single person of these 10 % hates it when his end of tenancy comes and he has to move out. No wonder you hate it, guys! If I were you, I wouldn't be happy either, with all the work that has to be done.

Once upon a time, I also lived on rent. I felt like in hell when my rental contract expired and I had to leave. Not only because I had to pack my luggage and look for a new lodging, but because of the work I had to do before I move out. What work? Well, I had to bring back the original looks of the lodging. Here's what I did:

  • I always started cleaning from the top-down, removing the cobwebs and mould first. I vacuumed the cobwebs and sprayed the mould spores with bleach or vinegar.
  • After that I dusted the furniture and vacuumed the whole place.
  • If I had stains on the carpet or upholstery, I removed them and proceeded to cleaning the other rooms.
  • The kitchen is the dirtiest room in every house, so I had a lot of work in there. I cleaned all appliances, counter-tops and the floor.
  • The bathroom is also quite a dirty room, so I usually left it for the end. I cleaned the tiles, the bathtub and toilet and washed the shower-curtain.
  • At the end I cleaned the windows and aerated the place. Before leaving, I usually left lemon halves in every room to deodorise the lodging.

I didn't do all these things in one day. It usually took me a week, but when I found that there are move out cleaning London companies, I stopped doing all these things on my own, as it is a lot easier to leave the work for them. Move out cleaning London companies are a wonderful way to save time and efforts from the end of tenancy chores.

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