When promises are not kept, what should we do?

Posted on Apr 28 2012 at 02:18:31 PM in Politics

When promises are not kept, what should we do?

According to Mitt Romney our government under the leadership of Barack Obama is failing miserably to bring this country back to its glory and he, (Obama) through his executive branch economic policies, may be the reason why Romney has highlighted so many failures. One of the biggest downfalls of Obama administration is his failure to improve the employment numbers, a promise that he gave during his run for office in 2008. Obama has called for unity between his party and the Republicans as far as the student loan issue is concerned. Our beloved president has been promising to put this country back on track for the last four years, it seems as though the investment that was placed in him was not realized. The conservatives are making accusations that the massive government spending is failing to produce the results that our Democratic leadership has promised.


I don't think that anyone reading this will disagree with me when I say that we are on the wrong path, ultimately however it seems as though the people who are making the criticisms are doing so in an attempt to unseat the democrats so that they can take over the reigns. This country started suffering a long time ago and although the democrats have played a major part in its downfall, they are not the only ones to blame. We do not need a specialist to tell us that the reason we are not successful in fixing the economy is due to the fact that nobody (and I mean nobody) wants to budge on what they think should be cut and what should remain intact. The very centerpiece of a budget is to cut wasteful spending and if we are not prepared to tighten our belts then we shall all fail in our attempts, regardless of which party we follow or which ideas we believe to be more beneficial to the nation.

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