When Life Gives You Lemons – Clean with Them

Posted on Mar 13 2012 at 07:03:56 AM in House & Garden

Lemons are great fruits, not only because they contain a lot of vitamin C, but also because of their many clever uses. People say “When life gives you lemon – make lemonade”. Although lemonade is a tasty drink, we say when life gives you lemons – clean with them.

There are so many things you can do with lemons, we even don't know what to begin with. According to professional cleaners Bounds Green, you can remove stubborn stains on marble with the use of lemon juice. Many people believe that marble is a stone, but actually it isn't. Marble is not other than petrified calcium, or in human language – old seashells. That is why it gets stained and damaged pretty easily. Stains on marble can be very difficult to get rid of. In case washing isn't helping, try lemon juice. Slice a lemon in half, dip it in salt and rub on the stain. You might need to apply some elbow grease in this process, but the results are worth working for. Rinse thoroughly with water after.

Another extraordinary thing to do with lemon is deodorizing your fire place. Every person who has a fireplace knows for sure, how smelly a fire can get, due to wind or other reasons. To eliminate this unpleasant odour, simply put a few lemon peels in. You can do this for prevention as well, by placing lemon peels together with the firewood.

Lemon juice is also great for polishing of chrome. You don't need spend money on commercial polishers, not if you have lemons at home. Chrome items in bathrooms get covered with mineral deposits, which takes away their shine and makes them look dull and dirty. According to cleaners Bounds Green, all you have to do for cleaning is rubbing the surface with a lemon slice. Rinse with cool water after and use a soft cloth to dry. All what's left is to enjoy the shine.



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