When It's Time to Meet Her Parents

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When It

Dating for 2 months already with your girlfriend and she wants to have dinner with her parents. It's been a week since you agree, but now you start being nervous and conscious what you will be talking about and what if they don't like you? Of course, you're hoping for the best because it's the most important relationship in your life, but you are not sure how to make the most of your visit in her parents. Here you are some special tips.

May be it's one of the most important things for you to pay attention to what they're talking about and observe how they act in their family. Do they treat their daughter - your girlfriend - as an adult or as a little girl? Try to imagine that you are going to be a member of their family and ask yourself how it would be for you? A friend of mine from cleaners Brockley once told me that the family of his girlfriend's parents were on their best behaviour when he was in their house for the first time, but after sometimes they turned to be a real clan with strange rules and orders. If something like this happen, remember that it's not likely to get any better.

Don't forget to be yourself no matter what happens. You don't want her parents to see someone that you are not really, right? She knows the real you and because of that she loves you just the way you are. Her parents have the right to know you, too.

Remember that laugh is not a crime at this case! Keep your sense of humour, it will be good for both sides and will make another more pleasant impression. Sometimes laugh is the key to get through some argues or disputes.

Don't panic if they behave stressing, only try to talk with your girlfriend and explain to her what bothers you, see how she is responding. As my cleaners Brockley friend likes to say “it's a little bit risky, but if you enjoy your time together and are honest with each other, you will form your own strategy of making them seeing you as a loving couple”.

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