When is it safe to visit Haiti

Posted on Apr 23 2012 at 06:10:55 AM in Travel

When is it safe to visit Haiti

When you are making preparations for your annual holidays, if you determine that the island of Haiti should be included as one of the possible choices, you may want to keep in mind the possible kidnappings and other violence that may still occur on the island. Although the state department may not be coming right out and warning those wishing to visit the island, Haiti has not managed to convince  the powers that be to give then the thumbs up. While this may not seem like a big deal to some, the people of that Caribbean island still find themselves in need of tourist dollars to help them with their struggling economy.


One of the reasons why travelers are not advised to stop in and say hi to the people of Haiti is the fact that the infrastructure has yet to be brought to an acceptable level. Haiti is still a difficult island when providing  travellers with reasonable evacuation routes in the event of national disasters like a hurricane or an earthquake. When emergencies present themselves, it is sometimes physically impossible to find safety without being assaulted in some form or fashion.


As a country that claims to be friendly to travellers, Haiti has very few precautions that would be considered as appropriate  enough to protect the lives of those who choose to stop by, in fact in most cases such safety options are still nonexistent. Because of the wave of corruption weaving in and out of the government, there seems to be little chance of even having the powers that be in Haiti to do the right thing.

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