Whats in a word and should we be using it?

Posted on Apr 26 2012 at 12:39:16 PM in Organizations

Whats in a word and should we be using it?

During my years in school, I managed to pick up two different languages as required learning subjects. My spoken language was (and still is) English, but there is nothing wrong with having some idea about how to speak French and Spanish, especially if I planned to travel and it became necessary to do any translation. Later on in life I did find it necessary to use both of these languages and although I could never be considered as an expert, when I was asked to translate this, I did not have that confused look on my face as though I had no idea what I was being asked, or even if I knew how to translate.


On one of my many vacations I decided to purchase a dictionary to assist me with the language I was trying to master, but as I soon realized a dictionary would in no way solve my translation problems. Those of us who speak primarily English are under the impression that others should go out of their way to learn our language, which could only be considered as us being full of ourselves. Being able to effectively translate from one language to another requires that we know any grammar associated with that language. Whether you are in search for a German, French, Spanish or Punjabi translator, when it comes to business ventures, you should always seek out the services of a professional.


With the way business is conducted today and especially due to the fact that many businesses are conducted in non-English speaking countries, it may be necessary to find professional communication services to assist with the transition. When it comes to communication, especially with other countries that we may be trying to impress, it is imperative that we have a great deal of understanding as far as how words and translations are put forth, after all, we do not want to accidentally imply something that we did not plan on. If your are serious about your communication efforts and you want to understand your business associates, then you should secure the service of someone like Rosetta Translation who understands all aspects of how words are put together.

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