What you believe in

Posted on Aug 6 2012 at 02:57:05 PM in Society

What you believe in

Every human being has some sort of personal beliefs that they feel strong about, whether they let those beliefs rule their decision making will depend on who the individual happens to be. If you are not certain what drives you, all you have to do is to see how far you will allow someone to force you to change your hand before you decide that enough is enough. If you have to ask the question, what are values? then there is a good possibility that you do not live by any personal values yourself, at least not the ones that you push the limit with. If you do have a list of personal values and beliefs that you swear by, then you must prepare yourself to losing everything in order to accomplish them.


Someone recently told me that sincerity is a difficult trait to figure out because most people are not sincere, neither do they have what it takes to be sincere. This happens to us on a fairly regular basis and whether those instances take place due to a lack of something we said or just dumb luck, our reaction can be staggering. There are times when sincere condolences are appropriate to offer someone, but if you don't really mean it, maybe you should just avoid saying it all together. When you do something wrong or offensive to someone else, the last thing you should be doing is offering a sincere apology to them, especially if you plan on doing it again. I have reached the point in my life where I can tell the sincere ones from those who are simply going through the motions, unfortunately there are much more of the latter.

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