What to know about Severe Panic and Anxiety

Posted on Oct 6 2011 at 01:18:33 AM in Fitness

When you have whatever is frightening you might feel an increase of fear and panic engulfs you. If that feeling continues to the reality that you can’t move or do anything else well then, your experiencing what's normally referred as Severe Panic and Anxiety. 

One will get to experience anxiety attacks that can come because of extreme anxiety. This happens as whenever a person gets to experience a scenario that may be over anxious the brain will trigger adrenalin igniting the flight response. While there is no need to fight or flight, our body will release flight chemicals that may trigger anxiety which is able to show up like a panic attack.

Severe Panic and Anxiety can be quite horrifying on the person which enables it to result in the person that can then be more anxious when compared with its necessary and it will result in a situation that is definitely known as the panic attacks. These severe attacks are deemed for being severe when they go longer than the average attacks or it is also dangerous another person's to experience a prolonged quantity of attacks. 

If an attack can last for like around half an hour it will likely be considered as severe together with the one that gets short bouts of attacks that happen following oneself.
In the event that working gets to experience Severe Panic and Anxiety they should seek immediate medical attention ahead of the attacks actually reaches cause harm to the person’s health. Having frequent or long attacks will be very detrimental to ones health as it can end up crippling them psychologically or emotionally which will lower their quality of living since the attacks may affect other regions from the body including the bodily organs. 

The attacks will cause damage to your body all of which weaken the heart so therefore blood flow might be affected causing other parts like the lungs along with the brain that can then be affected.

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