What to do when you receive unwanted guests

Posted on May 22 2012 at 12:58:45 PM in Shopping & Services

What to do when you receive unwanted guests

Readers be forewarned, if you get squeamish easily you might want to skip this article. For those who don’t yet know me, let me share with you the fact that I don’t like rodents, bugs, or insects of any kind, so when I ran across this huge spider on my ceiling I immediately went about the task of eliminating it. The spider was obviously just trying to survive but I was determined to keep these bugs out of my living area. I guess the spider must of thought that this was a good place to set up his web, however, because there is absolutely nothing I like about spiders, it had to go.


I knew there was a reason why I did not like keeping extra junk around my house and I was reminded of that reason when looking for a document and ran across a family of roaches in my paperwork. These were not little fellows, they were huge cockroaches and they looked like they were out for blood. In the case of a roach I usually pull off one of my flip flops and eliminated the bug, however, in this case there were so many of them that I could not keep up. I already knew how get rid of roaches when they were at such great numbers, so I went ahead and called the pest control company to deal with the problem for me.


If you ever hear scurrying around in the ceiling and walls of your residence there is a good chance that you may have rats in the attic. If you know anything about rats you will know that they are the worst kind of filth known to man and it is because of the fact that they are looking for food that they hang around us. I could never see the purpose of having a rat as a pet, however, at one time I did have a family of rodents living in my basement, although they were hamsters, the domesticated kind.

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