What to Do When Cleaning Porcelain Dolls

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What to Do When Cleaning Porcelain Dolls

While it's true that porcelain dolls strike unspeakable terror in the mortal soul of man, it's not to be denied that they are a must-have in any household, which prides itself in its class and sophistication. Porcelain dolls are heirloom from the past and an expensive collector's item, which explains all the lengths people go through in order to obtain one and then preserve them.


Porcelain dolls need constant attention and cleaning, which is aimed at both prolonging porcelain's life span and protecting their clothes and accessories from bleaching with time and exposure to sun. Various cleaners SW6 liken porcelain dolls to vampires in their necessity to remain in cool and dark places and because constant exposure to sunlight will cause irreparable damage.


Although delicate, porcelain dolls demand only regular upkeep without any hard to perform tasks with regular household items which easily can be found in any household. The first thing to do is to remove the clothes and accessories of your doll and dust it head to toe with a gentle brush. I prefer to go with a make-up brush as they are meant to treat skin and are therefore extremely harmless for any easy to scratch surface.


After dusting, it's time to move to the doll's hair, which needs to be brushed with a comb, the finer the better so that you remove any dust particles and clutter from her locks. Cleaners SW6 suggest that you can spray her hair with perfume or Fabreeze for some freshening up. Now that you have successfully dealt with the superficial dirt, it's time to scrub the doll clean from hard layers of grime and any stains. For this purpose you need a ball made from a slice of bread, which works wonders as an eraser. Keep in mind that porcelain is fragile and will need gentle fingers. For the difficult to treat areas on the doll's anatomy, dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and swab those areas clean.


Last but not least, it's time for your doll's clothes. If you know your doll's clothes specifications, you will be able to send to a dry cleaners, or if you don't wish to spend money on that, there is always the option to place them in your dryer for about ten to fifteen minutes on the air cycle.

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