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If you thought that wine is only for drinking, you need to think again. There are many more uses to wine than this.
  • Drinking wine - Of course, the most common use is still drinking it. However, even here, there are many ways to use. You can have an aperitif wine, which as the name indicates it is supposed to act as an appetizer, and these are usually drank before the meal is served. Then, you will have the red wines which are usually served with dinner - read meat and spicy foods. The red wine can be savored throughout the dinner, because at the end another wine could be served, i.e. the dessert wine. Desert wines are sweeter than normal wines and are consumed along or after the desserts. Lastly, there the white wines too which complement light dishes, such as white meat (fish, chicken). So now you have one type of wine for each type of meals you have!
  • Cooking with wine - there are many foods that are enhanced by cooking with wine. The wine used for this purpose will have to be not too flavored and not too blasé. A light dish should use a light wine, and a spicy dish should use a heavy wine so the essence of one is not lost in the other. The best part of wine pairings is to achieve that exact balance between the flavor of the wine and that of the dish that is being cooked.
  • Wine in religious connotation - Jews use wine in almost all holidays. On Passover, There is an obligation to drink four cups of wine (or pure grape juice) during the Seder. This applies to both men and women. The Mishnah says that even the poorest man in Israel has an obligation to drink. The Church has use wine as a symbol of Lord Jesus Christ's sacrifice and crucifixion. A good number of denominations of the Church of Christ (Catholic, Roman Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Baptist, and so on) use the wine to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for the world.
  • Celebrating with wine - Champagne is a world most famous wine meant only for celebrations. There is no wedding, no successful sports event, no grand prix, no real celebration actually without the bubbly, as Champagne is nicknamed. Wherever you go across the globe, Champagne has become synonymous with celebration of a grand event.
  • Making vinegar - The regular made out of wine is a lot better than the synthetic vinegar. The wine-vinegar is done with extra care to hold the flavor of the grapes contained, without losing sight of the ultimate result required. This is why a good vinegar made out of wine possesses the exact balance between sweetness and sourness. The natural vinegar is tastier, healthier and better flavored than any synthetic vinegar available in the market today.
  • Look at the above list and you will understand how versatile this beverage is. Right from drinking it to cooking in it, it touches our hearts in many ways than one. On e very critical use is the fact the wine keeps us healthy. It is packed with antioxidants, for which people who consume it regularly do away with cardiac problems and aging. Both of these reasons being good enough to become a life-long fan of this wonderful beverage.(Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/684392) Visit The Ferocious Grape. Calgary's friendliest wine store, which offers a great Calgary wine store buying experience. Be sure to drop by our Calgary Wine Shop for some wine tasting in Calgary.


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