What Kind Of Shingles Are Used For Dallas Roofing?

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What determines the appeal of a roof is not how it is constructed, or how steep or flat it is. What determines the appeal of a roof is the shingles that were used to create it, and they are the first thing noticed by any potential buyer in the future. If you are thinking of having your roof worked on by a Dallas roofing company, read on about the different kinds of shingles that are currently being used, so that you can best pick out the one that matches your needs, and what you think your home should look like.


The Importance Of Shingles In Dallas Roofing


Shingles used for Dallas roofing will be either flat or curved tiles designed to interlock in such a way so that water will easily run off of them. For this reason, they are normally only used on slanted or pitched roofs, and will often be made of materials that can withstand the constant exposure to rain and the elements. If a roof that was tiled with shingles develops a leak, it is most likely due to a poor installation of the shingles, and does not necessarily mean that the materials used were flawed.


Most Popular Types Of Shingles


The first popular shingle type that you might see used a lot in the Southwest, even in Dallas roofing, are the ceramic and clay tiles. These materials have been used for hundreds of years, and were originally created by hand from clay pulled from the earth, and oven fired to a desired texture, density and sheen. You will see them used in both their natural reddish colors, and in painted versions today, and were quite popular to use with a Southwestern or Spanish exterior for homes.


Ceramic and clay tiles can be quite expensive to use, although their use does lend a certain level of aesthetic beauty in Dallas roofing. They must be carefully installed, and overlapped correctly to get the most out of using them, especially when it comes to water shedding. They are not meant to be used on just any roof, either, because their collective weight can be too much for the average roof to bear. Only use these tiles on roofs that have been specially reinforced for the best effect.





Another popular choice for use in Dallas roofing today are the asphalt tile type of shingle. Much more affordable, and lighter than either ceramic or clay, they can be used on any type of roof around, including flat roofs, if necessary. They are made out of either a paper or fiberglass base, and then sprayed with a mineral mix that will determine the final color. Dependable, and long lasting, these shingles will have a lifespan of about twenty years, if properly maintained.


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