What is the easiest way to remember your ID

Posted on Apr 23 2012 at 06:18:34 AM in Technology

What is the easiest way to remember your ID

As an ardent user of the Internet I am consistently trying to remember some of the addresses that I would like to re-visit another day. Of course I can bookmark these sites, but what if I am on someone else's computer and don't have access to my bookmarks with me. Better still, what if I am talking to a friend over the phone and they ask me about that great site, would I remember it, I wonder.


It seems as though everything on the Internet has a number or name of some sort and with Google+ now in the game, it is a great time to shorten your profile for others to have easy access to you. One of the problems with many members come large id numbers, however as soon as you decide that Google+ is the right social media for you, then it is time to get your ID shortened from that really long number to one that your family and friends will easily remember.


Although Google+ is in its infancy stages, Plusg.name is not, so naturally you will need to have already signed up with Google+ to benefit from Plusg. With every new complaint that someone has, a solution is born and Plusg.name promises to make your experience and you Google ID, one that you will easily remember.

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