What is Partner Portal?

Posted on Apr 27 2012 at 01:21:42 AM in Business & Economy

Providing just a website or web application to your dealers will not help. If your channel partners don't find the solution easy to use or effective enough they'll find it difficult to do business with you. Instead of coming and complaining you about your clumsy systems and challenging websites, your channel partners may just rate you as a problem vendor and shy away from doing business with you. As a vendor you would certainly not wish to go for such solutions that instead of helping you in your business make your dealers avoid doing business with you.

Though no solutions are created with the intention of making life tough for the user, they eventually turn problematic as they are made to incorporate more processes. Dealers usually find it tough to use these resources in an effective manner and feel frustrated when asked to use the resources. However, if you seek to offer a convenient and effective solution to your channel partners consider the use of Partner Portal.

What is a Partner Portal?

A partner portal is an effective web-based system that offers channel partners convenience to get direct access to several resources such as sales data, price information, technical details, applications as well as support. Partner portals, in a way, makes channel partner communications easy as well as effective. Vendors can share information as well as communicate with all their vendors through partner portals. Besides, vendors can also give their feedback and suggestions through the portals.

Partner portals are accessible through username and password, and in a way similar to single sign on (SSO) solutions. But apart from this similarity, partner portals are way ahead of SSO solutions in terms of convenience and facilities they offer. They are designed for the ease of the dealers and aim at making partner marketing more profitable for the vendors as well as the dealers. Discussed below are some of the most important aspects of a partner portal.

  • Single Sign On facility - It should allow dealers to have access to all information and applications through a single sign on.


  • Simple to operate - For the success of partner portal it is vital that your dealers find it extremely user-friendly and comfortable to use. Navigation should be simple and processes must be fast and uncomplicated. Besides, the processes must be integrated so that information retrieval becomes easier.


  • Personalization of the system - Ideally partner portals must offer role-based personalization. This helps to make things simple and easily understandable for the channel partners. Your dealers can easily locate and make use of the applications appropriate for their business needs.


  • Other requirements - Some other requirements of partner portal include a strong Content Management System (CMS) to help download useful information easily and a good Learning Management System (LMS) to make channel partner training easier.


  • Efficient administration - While making things easier for channel partners, partner portal must also remain easy to handle for the vendor's administrative staff. They should be able to operate, make changes and access information easily and without having to go for rigorous trainings.

Get Partner Portal installed

If you feel that an efficient partner portal software can solve many of your issues pertaining to partner marketing and channel partner communications get the system installed. Reputed PRM service providers such as RelayWare can help to get a customized solution for your partner marketing manager needs making partner management easier, more cost effective and also profitable.

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