What Is a Clean Deck

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What Is a Clean Deck

Living in a house has it's pros and cons, more space, nice back yard, no laud neighbours, slamming doors when going from room to room – pure pleasure. But living in a house also means more work cleaning it. One of the things, you have to clean from time to time, is the deck. Since it's located outside, it gets covered with all kind of junk over time. All kind of natural products such as leaves, dirt, mould. A lot of people are cleaning their decks only during the spring cleaning, but most of the cleaners in Melbourne

advice cleaning more often, depending on the amount of dirt in your area.

You have to start with moving of any furniture or appliances, you got there. Rocking chairs, coffee tables, BBQ sets - everything. After that, take the broom and the dust pan and sweep it real good. Try to get as much dust as possible from every crevice. To remove dirt trapped in-between the boards you can try with a slender tool. After all that is done, take the garden hose and rinse the entire deck really good. Once again stress on the crevices between the boards, use the power of pressure to rinse them nicely. Still be careful, too much pressure may damage the wood, therefore keep the nozzle a few feet off the desk. Make a cleaning solution. Apply and cover the deck and after that with the use of a brush with stiff bristle, work the solution into the deck. Rinse the foam and any other residues. Take care of any stubborn stains that have left and after the boards are dry put everything back where it belongs.

As you can see, there are stuff that you can easily do by yourself, unlike other tasks, where professional help seems like the only right choice. End of lease cleaning Melbourne has, as a service, is one such alternative.


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