What happens when your browser gets updated

Posted on Apr 23 2012 at 12:01:55 PM in Technology

What happens when your browser gets updated

Firefox  happens to be one of the main Internet browsers that I use when doing my Internet research, and I tend to use several add ons and plugins to make my job a little easier. It stands to reason then, that I would immediately notice when certain things change that may be considered as vital to me. Sometime within the last few days, Firefox ( version 6) was sneaked into my update folder without me realizing it. I guess the developers at Mozilla must have been making adjustments to the browser to compensate for the recent development of Ubuntu, which was recently upgraded.


I have no problem with newer versions of a particular software, however, because of this update, several of my add ons were rendered as useless, that is until the individual programmers can see their way to update their software. Because most of these add ons are FREE, I cannot complain, so the next best thing would be to go in search of a similar program that is close enough to the one that I am using now.


It is my fault of course, especially since I should have known better. When you are unable to afford to pay for something, like I am, you should be exceptionally cautious about possible changes that are being offered to you. There is another way to rectify this problem and that would be to re-install an older version (Firefox 5) of the software, which is a tempting alternative, however, I am pretty certain that there are other changes that makes this “upgrade” somewhat important to me.

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