We must think safety first in any industry

Posted on Apr 28 2012 at 06:40:35 PM in Travel

We must think safety first in any industry

The cruise industry is an international method of vacationing that travels to most corners of the globe and their only priority is to make sure that their passengers have a fun filled vacation with out any unnecessary problems along the way. From time to time disruptions will take place to a particular itinerary, but it is the vigilance provided by the various cruise lines that avoid any increased possibility of disaster. For the safety of passengers and crew members there may be certain areas of the ship that is restricted, however this does not affect the extensive maneuvering of crew and passengers that take place from minute to minute. When on vacation it is possible for distractions to take place allowing for passengers to lose track of time or place, but it is for this reason that the cruise industry is proactive and so many safety measures are being implemented.


When I choose to go on vacation one of my many functions is to make certain that I have a good time. Before I book a cruise with a company I like to establish that the vessels are operational and their track record is above and beyond what I expect of them. One of my favorite destinations is the Caribbean and as any regular cruise traveler will tell you, there are many companies that are very qualified in properly representing that part of the world. Ever since the Concordia accident, some of the strictest policies have been introduced, if only to make certain that the confidence level of passengers remain high. What used to be taken for granted in the past has now become requirements and regulatory procedures for this very popular industry.

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