Ways to differentiate yours from everyone else's

Posted on Apr 20 2012 at 06:53:49 AM in Shopping & Services

Ways to differentiate yours from everyone else

There was a time many years ago when I was in the auto after market business. I did most of the things that you could think of for an automobile, up to and including rear spoilers and yes I even did sunroofs. On the trucks I would install running boards , roll bars and push bars for the front.  A new truck can be sharp looking, however when you begin to add the accessories, you will now give it your own personal touch.


You do not have to add everything to the truck, after all you don't want it to have more accessories that the truck itself, but a set of custom floor mats, a tool box or a “cap” to protect the items that you carry around with you are not items to consider as too much.


A big part of the business that I was in was customizing the appearance of the vehicle. Rear window defoggers, window tinting and a set of mud flaps will not only provide you with the privacy that you are looking for in the cab, it will also avoid any unwanted splashing from your wheels to the one behind you or the back of your own vehicle. Always remember, when you take your truck to the mall and it looks the same as all the others, you might have a problem picking it out from the crowd.

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