Watch the Scottish version of the Olympic Games

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Ever thought you could win a medal for throwing a tree trunk the size of a three-storey building high in the air? Tossing the caber is one of the Celtic traditions kept alive by Scotland’s Highland Games.
This alternative to the Olympics was when clans in Scotland would send their best warriors to compete against each other at a whole raft of pursuits that would have died-out in present day, if it wasn’t for the Highland Games Committee.
As well as tossing the caber there was an ancient form of shot putting, where chieftans would use rocks from nearby rivers which are emulated by the lobbing balls the sport uses today.
However, not all activities rated were warlike. Bes t dancing and music, notably from the Scottish bagpipes in 2011, were ranked at past Highland Games that warriors would be asked to compete in.
The season spans May to September every year, so while you are in the United Kingdom for the Olympic Games check into one of the spa breaks in Scotland, so you can relax after watching Scots sweat it out in the hot weather.
Other pursuits include hammer-throwing, tug-of-war and solo piping, which occur in towns and villages all over the country at summer fetes. Some have been held for hundreds of years and are relatively small, whereas others command up to 10,000 spectators, such as the event at Braemar.
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