Washing Machine Troubleshooting

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Washing Machine Troubleshooting

The washing machine is truly a miraculous invention. You just put your dirty laundry in, apply washing detergent, set the correct temperature and voilà! In just about a half an hour your clothes are going to be fresh, clean and ready to wear. But as any electric appliance, washing machines tend to break from time to time. There are many reasons for a washing machine to stop functioning, but the most common ones usually because of a problem in the machines drain system.

If you are not an experienced technician, it is better not to make any unauthorised attempts to fix the washing machine by yourself, cause if you do, you might make things even worse. Although, there are several things that you might check before calling the handyman. It will cost you less, when you’ve diagnosed the problem by yourself, so here are the most common washing machine errors, given by the cleaners in Melbourne:

  • It may sound foolish, but the most common problem is an unplugged power line. It is impossible for a washing machine to function when it has no power. So the first thing you need to check is this.


  • If the machine does not drain the water, there are several reasons for that. Usually, the main problem is in the water pump, probably a frozen pump pulley which needs changing.


  • Another possible problem may hide in the machine’s motor. If the machine is old, problems in the engine are sure to occur. For those, better wait for the technician to come.


  • Residues from hard water also may cause harm to the machine. Blockages cause the rotor to stop its circular motion, which leads to – you washing by hand.

Those are some of the main reasons for a washing machine to stop working, of course many other problems may occur, but as any technical appliance a washing machine can’t live forever. To prevent further total damage, when you see that the machine leaks, or makes strange noises – cleaning services Melbourne strongly recommend you to call a professional handy man.

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