Warhammer 40K – Mk V Mortis Dreadnought Free Paper Model

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Warhammer 40K – Mk V Mortis Dreadnought Free Paper Model

This paper model is the Mortis Dreadnought Mk V (aka Mortis Pattern Dreadnought), a variant of the standard Mars Pattern Dreadnoughts used by the Adeptus Astartes, based on the game Warhammer 40K, the papercraft was created by Patoroch. There is another Dreadnought Mk V at the site: Warhammer 40K – Ultramarines Dreadnought Mk. V. The Mortis Dreadnought is employed almost exclusively by the Dark Angels Chapter and their Unforgiven Successor Chapters, although other Chapters may use Dreadnoughts configured similarly to the Mortis Pattern Dreadnought though they are not called so and are usually referred to simply as a Dreadnought configured for long-range combat or fire-support.

The Mortis Pattern, like most Dreadnought variants, only differs from the standard Dreadnought in its armament loadout and the battlefield role it plays. Standard Mars Pattern Dreadnoughts are always equipped with a single long-range weapon arm, such as an Assault Cannon, and a single arm ending in a Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, yet the Mortis Pattern Dreadnought replaces the close combat weapon arm with a second ranged combat weapon. The Mortis Dreadnought is capable of laying down a tremendous amount of firepower upon a target, and since the Dreadnought’s body is such a stable firing platform it can continue moving while firing accurately.

The Mortis Dreadnought is always equipped with two long-range weapon arms, and these two weapons are always the same. The Hellfire Dreadnought, which is a common Dreadnought variant used by most Astartes Chapters, is the only other Dreadnought variant that is equipped with two long-range weapons, and one of those weapons is always a Missile Launcher. The Mortis Pattern Dreadnought is capable of being armed with two twin-linked Heavy Bolters, two twin-linked Lascannons, two twin-linked Autocannons, or two Missile Launchers. These weapon options are capable of turning this pattern of Dreadnought into a highly effective anti-infantry or anti-armour machine, and unlike other Dreadnought variants, such as the Furioso Dreadnought, the Mortis Dreadnought can remain safely at a distance from his target. The Mortis Dreadnought, like all Dreadnought variants, can also be outfitted with extra armour plating, smoke launchers and a searchlight.

Notable Mortis Dreadnoughts
  • Brother Malach – Brother Malach is a Mortis Dreadnought of the Angels of Absolution Chapter’s 6th Company.
  • Brother Amiel – Brother Amiel is a Mortis Dreadnought of the Angels of Absolution Chapter. Brother Amiel fought against the Forces of Chaos during the Siege of Vraks.
  • Brother Kargat – Brother Kargat is a Mortis Pattern Dreadnought of the Red Scorpions Chapter who was destroyed while taking part in the Bale Raid during the Badab War.
Known Users of the Mortis Dreadnought

The following is a list of known users of the Mortis Dreadnought, or users of Dreadnoughts that are configured identical to the Mortis Pattern:

  • Dark Angels and the Unforgiven – The Mortis Dreadnought is used by the Dark Angels and their Unforgiven Successor Chapters. They are the only Chapters that make regular use of the Mortis Pattern.
  • Red Scorpions - The Red Scorpions Chapter has made use of Dreadnoughts configured identically to the Mortis Pattern.
  • Other Chapters – Dreadnoughts armed with twin long-ranged weapons have been used in small numbers and during certain circumstances by many other Chapters in the Imperium.

You can download the paper craft model here: Warhammer 40K – Mk V Mortis Dreadnought Free Paper Model Download

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