Warhammer 40K – Malcador Defender Tank Free Paper Model

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Warhammer 40K – Malcador Defender Tank Free Paper Model

This paper model is a Malcador Defender tank, based on the game Warhammer 40K, the papercraft was created by Patoroch. The Malcador Defender is arguably the most effective of the Malcador tank variants. It is more common in many Imperial armouries than the standard heavy tank upon which it is based. Like the Malcador Annihilator, the hull weapon mount is replaced by a Demolisher Cannon but the upper turret embrasure is heavily modified to mount 5 separate Heavy Bolters angled to provide 360 degrees of fire coverage.

This shifts the tank’s role to that of serving as a mobile fortress that is often referred to as a breakthrough tank. It is well-suited to close-quarters combat, trench warfare and urban warfare engagements. In this role the variant’s Demolisher Cannon can be used against well-fortified positions and enemy strong-points, while its multiple Heavy Bolters can sweep areas for hidden infantry and defend the tank from a close assault.

Although the Malcador Defender is very cramped, fitting a large crew of 8 into its tightly-packed and blazingly hot hull, and is as prone to engine problems as the other variants, its battlefield role means that it seldom operates far from support or resupply. This can mitigate the design’s inherent problems and its firepower and considerable protection can make it a valuable asset to Imperial forces for both offensive and defensive engagements.

You can download the paper craft model here: Warhammer 40K – Malcador Defender Tank Free Paper Model Download

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