Warhammer 40K – Heavy Mortar Cannon and Thudd Gun Free Paper Model

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Warhammer 40K – Heavy Mortar Cannon and Thudd Gun Free Paper Model

These paper models are Heavy Mortar Cannon and Thudd Gun (aka Quad Launcher), a quadruple-barrelled, short-range artillery weapon, generally used by the Imperial Guard, based on the game Warhammer 40K, the papercrafts were created by Patoroch. There is another Heavy Mortar version paper model here: Warhammer 40K – Heavy Mortar Cannon Free Paper Model

This mortar receives its unusual name from the distinctive sound it makes when firing. The Thudd Gun is effectively four large Mortars mounted on a single gun carriage. Once the “quads” were common weapons amongst the regiments of the Imperial Guard, but most of these artillery pieces have now been relegated to second-line Imperial units, used by Planetary Defence Forces and militia units.

The Quad Launcher‘s main drawback as a weapons system is the time required to reload between volleys. Ammunition is placed into the hopper, the breech is then hand-cranked back which allows the round to feed into the breech, which then slams forward into the ready position. The hopper can then be reloaded with another shell. When the gun fires, the recoil allows the second shell to load automatically. Once this second shell is fired, the whole slow reloading process must be repeated. The weapon’s complex automated loader is also prone to jamming and misfeeds and must be very carefully maintained and cleaned in the field.

Despite these drawbacks, when loaded the Thudd Gun is a highly effective anti-infantry and suppression weapon, lobbing four shells at a time in a high trajectory to rain down onto enemy trenches in a distinctive rapid-bursting, four-shell pattern. Quad Launchers are also deployed for point defence, where they are used in a direct fire role against enemy infantry assaults. The weapon lacks the range of heavier artillery pieces and so is of little use for box-barrages or counter-battery fire. The Thudd Gun can be mounted on either a mobile or static emplacement, and can be moved from position to position through the use of Trojan service vehicles, or Centaur light tanks.

The Thudd Gun is a truly ancient weapon, having been originally developed by the Squats on their homeworlds, and then shared with the Adeptus Mechanicus, who started building their own. Thudd Guns were used by both sides during the Horus Heresy. During the Battle of Terra Loyalist forces used them to defend the narrow corridors of the Imperial Palace from the Forces of Chaos’ assault. In recent times, the Thudd Gun saw heavy use during the Badab War, the Tyrannic Wars against the Tyranids and during the Siege of Vraks by the artillery companies of the Death Korps of Krieg.

Known Regiments That Make Use of Thudd Guns
  • 19th Death Korps of Krieg Regiment, 2nd Field Artillery Company
  • 143rd Death Korps of Krieg Regiment, 1st Field Artillery Company
  • 33rd Death Korps of Krieg Regiment, Independent Artillery Company

You can download the paper craft model here: Warhammer 40K – Heavy Mortar Cannon and Thudd Gun Free Paper Model Download

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