Waitresses,waiters and bartenders application for following your tip

Posted on Feb 21 2012 at 11:58:24 AM in Food & Drink

For all of them that are working in the restaurant business,especially for the waitresses,waiters and bartenders there is now application that helps you following your tip.If you are member of The Waiters Today social network you can easilly install it on your page ("my page").

You just have to register if you are not a member or sign in if you are already a member and follow instructions on this link Servers Follow Tip Application .

It allows you to track your tips for each day and be able to look at how much you have made over the course of weeks and months. Sure you could do this on your own with an Excel spreadsheet, but the app makes it far more fun. It also generates graphs with the click of a mouse to allow you to gain greater insight into what you are actually earning.

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