Virtual Tours Diminish the Appearance of Your Real Estate Business

Posted on Nov 16 2012 at 04:22:59 PM in Real Estate

Virtual Tours Diminish the Appearance of Your Real Estate Business

Virtual Tours are hurting your real estate business!

As a consumer, I have always disliked Virtual Tours. Anyone I talk to who isn’t a Realtor seems to share the sentiment. Although it takes a lot more than an opinion to demonstrate why virtual tours are a bad idea for real estate.


As an Internet Marketer, I have found fascinating ways to use Google’s analytics and statistics to provide insight that would be otherwise impossible.


Last night, I decided to take a look at the interest in the search term “Virtual Tours” from 2004 to present. Although I wasn’t surprised at the results, I was excited about how compelling they are.


Unfortunately, the imbed functionality is not working on this website. See Google's trends for Virtual Tours


The graphic above demonstrates the interest on a scale of 0-100. You will notice that the interest was at a peak of 100% in 2004, and in the last year it has steadily declined from a peak of 13% to as low as 7%


The important take away is that nobody is searching for virtual tours because nobody is interested in them. 


My assumption is that the only 7-8% of people still searching for them are Realtors that just don’t have a better solution, or are not looking through the eyes of the consumer.


Let’s contrast the exact same search with “Video Tours”


See Video Tour trends here


You will notice that the interest has been pretty steady, peaking at 100% a couple times, and averaging between 60% and 80% in recent years.


Although professionally-produced Video Tours are the best way to showcase a property and its surrounding attractions, I understand that it takes more time, money, and expertise to utilize video in a productive and profitable manner in the real estate industry.


I would strongly suggest that you stop making your real estate business look outdated. Stop annoying customers with a technology that was introduced in 1994. Just stick with high-quality still images that are shot by a seasoned photographer with a wide-angle lens.


Rich media content on the web is no longer a fancy extra, it is an expected standard. Wonders can be done with still images if you don’t have access to a professional video producer, so save everyone the annoyance of that old virtual tour, while you save yourself the time, money, and embarrassment of being stuck in the past.



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