Very Detailed 410D Locomotive Free Paper Model

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Very Detailed 410D Locomotive Free Paper Model

This Locomotive paper model is a very detailed 410D, created by parowozowniajarocin. The scale of the vehicle paper model is 1:25. First Locomotive Factory in Poland, known as Fablok, built first diesel locomotives in early 1930 and started production of light switchers after the war in early 1950s, when suitable diesel engines became available. After about ten years it was decided that Fablok should concentrate their efforts on heavier locomotives, so in 1964 production of light Ls60 was transferred to Zastal of Zielona Góra, where 365 examples were built until 1971. Apart from introducing minor – and mainly technological – modifications in Ls60, Zastaldesign bureau intended to develop a new machine that could eventually be put into production as its successor. Detailed design was completed in 1971 and the prototype, designated type 410D, was rolled out in 1972.

Previous light switchers, with engines rated at from 44 to 75 hp, proved too weak for many tasks. Their prime movers, developed from tractor engines, were thus supplanted by more powerful SW400/L1, built under license from Leyland and rated at 105 hp. One of the main shortcomings of earlier switchers was primitive and unreliable mechanical transmission, so it was decided to install a hydraulic torque converter between engine and gearbox. Electro-pneumatic coupling control was also a novelty. Both these features were intended to improve operating the transmission, which in earlier machines demanded some skills. Compared to Ls60, at the same weight, 410D could develop higher traffic effort (4.8 tonnes) and, with maximum speed of 22.4 km/h, was almost twice faster.

These locomotives were not purchased by PKP and all went to various industrial establishments. In service they did not prove very successful. Transmission failure rate was high and there were problems with electro-pneumatic control systems. Moreover, Ls150 from Fablok was at hand, being both more powerful and more reliable. Production was thus terminated in 1975 and only 51 examples were built. Little is known on their service and most probably last were withdrawn from use in 1990s. The last example built, has been preserved and is currently a part of the Industry and Railway Museum collection in Jaworzyna Śląska. Most probably all other 410Ds were scrapped. The design was not developed further; Zastal continued to produce type 409Da, developed from Ls150, in fairly large numbers until 1979 and then withdrew from the diesel locomotive business completely; today the company specializes in steelworks, industrial tanks and conveyors.

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