Valentine's Day for Children

Posted on Feb 6 2012 at 01:26:39 PM in People

Lovers walking hand in hand down a quiet, moonlit beach. Man and wife eyeing each other across a candle lit table. Flowers, candy, jewelry, romance...Valentines Day. A special day for many couples to share their love with one another. BUT...does Valentines Day have a place for children? Where do they fit in among the hoopla (and Walmart shelves)?

I love celebrating Valentines Day with my children (and my husband of course). I think Valentines Day can be a day to show anyone that you love and appreciate them. My family has always been big on celebrating holidays, and Valentines Day is no different. I had to laugh one year. I usually do the gift shopping, but my son was three and very into Thomas the Tank Engine. We had started collecting the Thomas track and cars for him (not the new metal stuff, but the old wooden stuff). My husband went out and bought him three different sets for VALENTINES DAY. You'd have thought it was Christmas. But it was very sweet, and Aaron had a blast setting them all up. Later my husband said to me, "I think I may have gone overboard". :) What fun to see Aaron's eyes as he opened the Thomas accessories.

Do I think that Valentines Day should be as big as Christmas? No. (Though the Thomas incident still has a special place in my heart). Just a small gesture can say "I love you". Here are just a few suggestions I've come up with for sharing Valentines Day with your children.

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