Valentine Plants Represents The Very Essence Of Valentines Day

Posted on Jan 28 2013 at 12:06:35 PM in Arts & Humanities

For men and women there are a whole range of romantic gifts that for sure can trigger happiness and tickle your tastes buds this February 14th. Before the very occasion, it is good to plan your ideal gift this Valentine's Day. Many may prefer greeting cards and chocolates, something red and huggable. However, these days few of us prefer quirky gifts and something memorable items that hold special endearment and memories. They prefer to give gifts that stay long forever and you can cherish for the rest of your life. If you are looking for something bizarre and beautiful valentine plants are the best gifts this heart's day.



There are many valentines day plants that you can choose from. In fact internet is the most abundant resources of these items:


Roses and Flowery Plants


Roses are ideal valentines plants as gifts. These living glowing bushes have a welcoming beauty that capture every love and emotion that you can hardly say to your love ones. It comes in red, pink or even white and can be ordered in designer coordinated container that can really compliment the natural beauty of pretty blossoms and its green leaves. These are ideal to perch on your window sills and in any indoor areas you wish to accentuate.


Bonsai plants


Bonsai is also great valentine plant you may consider this February 14th. If your love ones are obsessed and in love with plants, you can try giving them bonsai plants. It represents your authentic love and care for them. Bonsai trees attempt to represent a natural tree forms in a diminutive scale. It also represents years of love and understanding as well as trust that you build with each other through time. 



Herb garden basket


If your friend loves greenery plants, herb garden basket as plants for valentine's day completes the occasion. This is an ultimate gift for them. Aside from the lively color it provides, most of these herbs are edible and can be used as dressing to your salad and tasty dishes. The herb can be harvested for garnish and seasoning and will provide pleasure for months to come. Your friend will surely love it for it gives joy and memorable thoughts for a long time.




Gorgeous orchids with their dainty blooms and beautiful leaves are an ideal gift to give and receive this Valentines day. Orchids as plants for valentine's day represents hospitality, love and friendship. Most of them are easy to take care and as a lovely reward they give beautiful exotic fragrance once the flowers start to bloom. Most of these can be ordered online and you can request them to be potted in a beautiful container.


There are many quirky yet beautiful gifts you can give to your love ones this Valentines Day. But the most important essence of this occasion is we found love and we become special to everybody we know. These valentine plants can represent the very essence why we celebrate Hearts Day this coming February 14th.


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