UWCFX Seminars in Bangladesh (www.uwcfx.co)

Posted on Apr 5 2012 at 09:24:21 PM in Education

UWCFX Seminars in Bangladesh (www.uwcfx.co)

UWC and Grameenforex organized Forex seminars in Bangladesh

United World Capital together with our Bangladeshi partner, Grameenforex, has recently organized series of Forex seminars. Our events were held in three cities of Bangladesh: Dhaka, Chittagong and Khluna between 24-26th of February.

Over 900 participants have attended the three seminars helping to make these events a real success!

Our representatives, Guntars Pupelis (Director of Partnership Department) and Tania Bolgar (Chief Sales Officer) have participated in seminars as well as had the opportunity to celebrate the opening of our two new offices in Dhaka and Khulna.

We have received very positive feedback from the attendees and the upcoming seminars will be organized in coming months in Sylhet and Rajshahi. Information about the upcoming seminars will be posted soon.

We would like to thank all those, who have helped to organize these events, as well as all those who have participated.

From left: Tania Bolgar - Chief Sales Officer of UWCFX and Guntars Pupelis - Director of Partnership Department of UWCFX



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