Using Vodka For Antibacterial Purposes

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Using Vodka For Antibacterial Purposes

When the word “disinfection” is mentioned, people’s thoughts are usually being connected with the use of some toxic detergents or sprays. But those same chemical cleaning agents, can cause severe damage to our health. Inhaling the harsh vapour, which comes from those cleaners, can be the reason for asthma to awaken, and many more respiratory problems. So the solution of this problem, lies right there, in your bar. Vodka. The use of vodka, goes far beyond the bar. Many cleaners in Melbourne are familiar with it’s antibacterial and disinfecting purposes.

Using vodka as a mouthwash – instead of using your regular mouthwash, or in case when you had ran out of such, you can use vodka just as effectively. Vodka does the same job as any commercial mouthwash, as it kills germs and bacteria and removes odour.

You can easily substitute your daily rubbing alcohol, with vodka. Use it on small scrapes, scratches,  or small wounds to prevent infection. It is also good to use for removing irritation and itches from stings or animal bites of any kind.

Some people use vodka, even for removing bad odours from their feet. It’s true – soaking your feet in vodka for about ten minutes, destroys the bacterial sources, and provides you with smell-free feet.

It also works great for cleaning glass surfaces or mirrors. Spraying a mirror, a glass door or a glass table with vodka, makes the removal of unwanted residue much easier, and more effective, than with most glass cleaning agents.

Another use of vodka is for washing greasy dishes. If your sink is filled with those, add just a little bit of vodka, to your regular dish washing detergent. The alcohol really makes dish washing easier, and it cuts through grease like with a knife. With the same wonderful effect, it makes the removal of labels, stickers or any remaining glue, stuck on bottles, sunglasses, clothes, or anything that has a label sticked onto them.

Except for being one of the most frequently used ingredients in every bar, vodka really has some miraculous cleaning and disinfecting purposes. Even companies like cleaning services Melbourne, are using it often, cause it makes removing grease or glue easy as pie.

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