Using Technology to Lose Weight

Posted on Nov 26 2011 at 04:07:38 PM in Diet & Nutrition

Using Technology to Lose Weight
This is the story of how I used some really simple technology to help my sister lose 13 pounds in about nine weeks.  She wanted to lose weight before her daughter's wedding.  The only thing we needed were cell phones with texting abilities and an e-mail account.  My sister had tried to lose weight in the past and was unsuccessful (like many of us).  She wanted me to help her.  I am a Health and Physical Educator so I had lots of grand ideas like figuring out body fat and how many calories my sister should intake each day according to how many she was expending. Nancy didn't want to do any of that.  It was too complicated and she didn't want to invest the money and time it would take to do those kinds of things.  She really didn't think it would be a good investment given her track record with losing weight in the past. What she really wanted was someone to be accountable to, so this is what we came up with.  She set a goal to go running 3 times a week.  I recommended she add 3 days of weightlifting to her workout, which would increase her metabolism.  She wanted to cut back on the amount of snacking she was doing and to eat less carbs and sugar during meals.  To keep her accountable to her goals, she had to e-mail me or text me every day from July 7th to wedding day (October 1st).  She told me what she was eating and what she was doing for a workout every day.




I replied with encouragement (that’s great, looks good) or redirection (you’ve had a lot of carbs already today.  You will want to go light on carbs for supper). Right away she began losing weight.  Just the fact that she had to tell me what she was eating was enough to change her habits.  She knew I would frown on nightly ice cream snacks at 9 p.m. so she curbed that habit.  She asked for advice on what to order at fast food restaurants when she had crazy days.  She even dreamed that she ate her way through a day and then was mortified when she knew she had to report it to me! Every week their was some more pounds gone.  On the morning of the wedding, she texted me.  “Wedding day weigh-in 128.8 lbs.  Thanks so much coach! Love ya!”  Her goal was to lose 10 lbs. and she had lost 13! Why did it work? Because it was something that fit into her lifestyle, because she felt comfortable with it and because she had someone to be accountable to. If you think this approach would work for you, grab yourself an accountability buddy, a computer or cell phone and get started.  Or you can contact me.  I wouldn’t mind having another success story!
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