Using technology for good, rather than bad

Posted on Apr 16 2012 at 06:16:45 PM in Technology

Using technology for good, rather than bad

In the past I have pointed out that researchers who introduce new and improved forms of technology may not necessarily be doing us any real favors. When operating  these new forms of technology, the procedures can sometimes confuse the greatest minds, unless of course the long term plan is to take control of the country. I am not trying to suggest any conspiracy theory, so don't try to conference me or send me any strange mail please. It is our friends that are sometimes used through their use of computers and emails to bring us down.

Hacking and inserting different forms of viruses is very big business in the technological world, with one attachment after another of malicious code being sent in an attempt to break down the world of technology. Please understand that anyone, including the President and members of his government can be affected. Performing acts of computer aggression is nothing short of terrorism in the worst way, yet it seriously represents the world as it is today.

Most of us use the technology in front of us for the purpose of improving our lifestyle, yet if we find ourselves as a spokesman for discontinuing hacking and inserting viruses, we would probably have no idea what it communicates. The world of Correctional services, computers and the technology that they offer could be considered as detrimental to the numerous inmates in their custody. No longer will inmates find it necessary to use bed sheets to escape their captors, there are other simpler methods at hand to talk about.

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