Using PredictWind to plan your trip

Posted on Jun 12 2012 at 04:47:46 PM in Technology

Using PredictWind to plan your trip

Almost everything we do is affected in some form or another by the ramblings of the weather which makes it important to follow what may be going on. Before leaving my house I like to know what the weather forecast has to offer and although I keep an eye on the surrounding and international conditions, the local local weather is of utmost importance to me. Getting a weather report from the local stations does work some of the time but as we all know, the odds of them being accurate are not always good. With PredictWind there is no more guess work and the weather reports are as accurate as you can imagine.


I have owned a few boats in my lifetime and before stocking up on boating supplies I would always figure out what the weather would be like for the next 3 days. Owning a boat is a great responsibility, especially since it is relatively easy to lose your vessel due to a little bad weather. Whether you have passengers or not you should be concerned about boating safety because with bad weather your fun filled day on the water could turn into a nightmare. Before taking your water craft out to see, check out PredictWind and see what the conditions are. It does not matter if you are traveling in a cabin cruiser or one of those small boats, knowing ahead of time will make all the difference in the world.


I remember sailing with my father on more than one occasion when the wind suddenly died. There was no such thing as PredictWind back then and no amount of sailing classes could have helped us move forward again. This was a small boat so there was no outboard motor to help us along and as I recall the wind never picked up until about 90 minutes later. I think all advice for sailors, including sailing for dummies, should require a visit to, especially if you plan on sailing long distances.

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