Using and Cleaning Contact Lenses

Posted on Jan 24 2012 at 04:23:09 AM in How-To

Many people all over the world have eye problems. It doesn't matter if you don't see in short or long distances it is still a problem that shouldn't be taken lightly. Eye sight is very important and people should take care of their eyes with every possible mean there is.

Most of the people usually see an optician and they receive glasses according to the problem they have. Not many people realize that they have to year glasses. Usually if you see certain object at certain distances blurry or you have headaches regularly, that is a sign of eye problems. Glasses are meant to protect your eyes and to try to fix them if you are at the right age.

Glasses are not the most stylish accessory in the world. Many people don't wear them because they don't feel comfortable when they are on them. That is why many people convert to contact lenses. Contact lenses have the same effect as the glasses but most of the cases no one can see that you are wearing them. But sometimes people still get headaches even when they are wearing them. That is because sometimes they are not cleaned properly. Professional cleaners Hampstead Garden suggest cleaning the contract lenses the right way to avoid eye infections.

Usually many people are sceptical on the matter of cleaning the lenses, you have to be very careful how you clean them after all you put them on your eyes. And you should also consider that there are two types of lenses that require different way of cleaning. There are hard and soft lenses and professional cleaners Hampstead Garden suggest diferrent methods.

  • For soft lenses you can use a multi-purpose cleaning solution. Simply rub the solution against the lens carefully and rinse with water.
  • For hard contact lenses there are cleaning solution specially made for contact lenses. After that rinse with water and place them in a small jar with contact lens conditioning solution.
  • Always watch your personal hygiene when cleaning the lenses, wash your hands carefully, because usually you have to use your palms when attending cleaning and you don't want any germs getting in your eyes. That can be cause to problems, infections and headaches. 

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