Updating Our Brains

Posted on Mar 24 2010 at 02:31:08 PM in Internet

There are many of us out here who could benefit from some updating. Our brains are a work in progress, no matter what age we are. Spending my formative years in school well before computers were available, I am trying to update my brain to compete with not only my children, but my grandchildren. My grandchildren can navigate the computer as well as I can and that is just not acceptable to a woman like me. I should be able to understand the conmputer as well as any 5 year old, so I am embarking on a self learning process. Setting up this blog was one of my first steps. Now I am in the process of joing other sites, where the process for someone like me is more challengening. I have never taken a computer course. (I guess I should) I figure why take one now, I am learning alot on my own and how far do I really want to go anyway. I look at it as updating my brain. I just need to reprogram some of the circuits to accept new technology. Sounds easys enough right. Wish me luck.

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