UO's Big Uh-Oh

Posted on Aug 5 2010 at 06:50:03 AM in People

Everyone's talking about the "Eat Less" t-shirt Urban Outfitters is selling and I just read on my friend's fashion blog (link) that actress Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill is getting involved. Bush, by publicly condemned UO in an open letter on her blog and announced that she will boycott the store. Personally, I can't believe UO would do such a thing. I like shopping there because they push the limits but this is too much. It reminds me of A&F's "Who Needs Brains , When I have These" t-shirt that made waves a few years back. Controversy, controversy always willing to rear thy ugly head. Now I'm not girl, but I do however have two amazing sisters, both of which have dealt with weight and body image issues and just thinking about what they go through because of the crap society dishes out makes me sick. I thought UO was suppose to be anti-conformity. I hope for there sake this is an attempt at cheeky satire.

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