Unusual Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Clean Your Home

Posted on Jan 10 2013 at 05:16:33 AM in How-To

Green cleaning has become really popular in the past years. It is much cheaper and healthier than using commercial cleaners. Here are some unusual cleaning tips that will help you clean your home, using only household products. They might sound strange but they really help. Here they are:

If you have scratches on your wood furniture's surface,just fill them in with appropriate shade of coloured pencil.

If your dog chews on couch cushions, pour a bit of lemon juice on the corners, dogs don't like citrus. This will stop them. 

Bathroom odour. To help get rid of 'bathroom' odour, try striking a match, instead of using air fresheners, sounds strange but it works.

Make use of Leftover Soap: Add a little glycerine to the little parts of soap which are always left over and mash them up with a little warm water and you will have a liquid soap that is gentle and economical.

To eliminate beer stains from woollen outfits, scrub the stained area with a mixture of warm water and salt.

To bring back the fluffiness in bed pillows, put them in the clothes dryer. The warm air does it all in just a few minutes

To remove obstinate ball point ink stains, rub the stained area with a cotton cloth soaked in eau-de-cologne.

To pick up fragments of broken glass – just use bread.

To clean spots on rugs and carpets, professionals from carpet cleaning Melbourne suggest you use window cleaner. It works as well as those spray-on carpet cleaners. 

After working on your car you can clean your hands with a mixture of dish washing liquid and sugar

Remove cats hairs from clothes and furniture: Rub over it with wetted rubber gloves. The hair will stick to the gloves and it will be easy to remove it.

Garlic or onion odour on hands: To get rid of garlic or onion odour, rub a piece of stainless steel while washing your hands. It works every time


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