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Posted on Dec 2 2010 at 09:29:20 AM in Entrepreneurship

When was the last time your companies corporate office added a customer sale directly in your backoffice? It is happening now, but time is limited offer ends on December 31, 2010.  Join our team, follow the simple qualifications for ensuring your enrollment in the rotation of sales generated by our Corporate sponsored Infomercial...

Anyone that has been in Direct Sales understands there are steps that you must do each month to get qualified to be able to recieve commissions, which could cost as much as $200 plus a month or more. For $29.95 Autoship order monthly , recruit 2 ID's and you are qualified for your commissions.

Direct Sales / Home Based Businesses / Multi Level Marketing alike have never before been offered to receive customers and/or distributors added by corporate from the effects of corporate. Professional Infomercial will generate sales and they are rewarding those distributors that join our team and get qualified before December 31, 2010....

Check out my website http://sebringsue.myinlife.com for all the details! Look forward to havng you on my team.

Sue Newman

Independent Distributor - inForce Immune Builder


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