Unmasked the Secret in Making Money Online

Posted on Feb 19 2011 at 01:20:12 PM in Business & Economy

So many ways and models for you to make money online. Of several programs that will be discussed below should be reviewed first before you decide to join. It helps you to find a mentor who can add to your insight. Here is a program to make money online, among others:

1. Pay to Click, means you will pay if you are registered you or click the banner ads.

2. Pay for Surfing, means you’ll get paid to surf the websites or blogs that have been provided by the organizers of the program.

3. Pay Per click, means you will pay if you put ads on your site or blog, you have clicked.

4. Pay to Survey, means that you get paid for surveys in accordance with the recommendations of the organizers.

5. Pay Per Lead, means you will be paid, in connection with registration of a member or members of the program, so that your money will be obtained after your referral becomes a member.

6. Pay Per Sale, means you’ll get the money if there are people who buy a product or service advertised. This is called affiliate business and you will get a sales commission up to 50% of sales.

7. Cost Per Click, means you get paid for ads that are on your website or blog click, so the payment you receive depends on many people or less who click on ads or banners contained on your site or blog.

8. Cost Per Million, means the money you could be a publisher with revenue sharing between the number of impression/1000.

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