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Posted on Jun 22 2011 at 12:08:54 PM in Football

Another day another NCAA allegation. University of North Carolina has been under investigation since the infamous "Miami Party" in which numerous NCAA top prospects received preferential treatment at club LIV (Where the Mavericks partied after the NBA Finals). One of the top prospects included in the investigation was UNC's Marvin Austin and this led to the NCAA's investigation of the football program. Today, the NCAA issued their official notice of allegations.

First, the allegations state that football players received preferential treatment and accepted impermissible benefits. Nothing new here. However, the NCAA also alleges that former UNC defensive line coach John Blake and tutor Jennifer Wiley didn’t cooperate with the investigation and that Blake worked to steer Tar Heel football players to NFL agent Gary Wichard. Major Violation if proved

UNC released the details of the NCAA allegations on its website.

Allegations against former tutor Jennifer Wiley:

1)Unethical conduct for refusing to provide information to the NCAA enforcement staff and to the institution.

2)Provided extra benefits to student-athletes in the form of travel and parking expenses and tutoring.

3)Allegations of academic fraud against student-athletes and the tutor.

Allegations against former assistant coach John Blake:

1)Unethical conduct for providing false and misleading information to the NCAA enforcement staff and to the institution and for failure to cooperate with the investigation.

2)Marketed athletic abilities of student-athletes to agent Gary Wichard.

3)Received outside income that he did not report to the institution. That included a failure to report $31,000 in outside income from Wichard’s firm, Pro Tect Management LLC, from May 2007 to October 2009.

Other allegations:

1)Allegations that student-athletes received preferential treatment and accepted impermissible benefits.

2)Allegations against a former student-athlete for unethical conduct.

3)Failure by the institution to adequately monitor the conduct of Chris Hawkins, an individual triggering NCAA agent legislation; the social media activity of the football team for a period in 2010; and possible extra benefits to a student-athlete triggered by agent legislation.

The university has 90 days to respond to the allegations.

“I feel terrible that these allegations occurred under my watch,” said UNC head football coach Butch Davis in a statement. “I especially regret that the university has had to endure this scrutiny because of the football program. The responsibility for correcting any problems that put us in this position is mine, and I take that responsibility very seriously.”

University representatives are scheduled to appear before the NCAA Committee on Infractions on Oct. 28.

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