Unhappy at Work? Work for Yourself!

Posted on Jul 9 2011 at 10:35:22 PM in Employment & Work

No, you don't have to quit your job. At least not until you're ready.


Does your stomach get upset at the thought of another day at work? Some workplaces will do that for you and more. I've personally seen folks get injured because there are too many demands being put on them. Some have developed mental and physical illnesses. While others have collapsed from exhaustion.


The general moral of workplaces quite often is the direct result of bad management. It doesn't necessarily start with your direct manager or the manager that is over him or her. In this day of giant corporations, the problem could be with someone you don't know and will never meet.


When medium to fairly large businesses used to be owned and managed by family, the employees were the face of the company. By that, I mean, the employees were the first and last people the customer would see and the only one the customer got to deal with. It was in the company's best interest to see that the employees were treated fairly and moral was high. That way, the employee would feel a kinship to the company, almost as if they were part of the founding family. Now, the big corporations have taken over these companies and employees are an asset that can be manipulated as just another non-static expense. There is no true connection between management and the employees. Often there are company rules about fraternization between those in management positions and regular employees. No feelings of kinship there!


Because these corporations are always looking to their bottom line, they constantly look for ways to optimize the time of their employees and make that asset more efficient. This doesn't always work. Often these efforts cost more to put in place and cause more wasted work time as well as causing stress to the workers. Does this sound familiar?


As a result of these big corporate tactics, the customer does not get the attention or service they expect, the employees are stressed and unhappy and sales diminish. That starts the circle all over. More money saving plans are conceived at the highest levels and employees' hours are cut, hiring freezes are put into place, and people are fired or laid off. The result of this is that the workers remaining are forced to do the work that normally would be done by many more workers. This makes the workers unhappy, management is unhappy, business suffers and we start the process all over again.


Are you one of those workers that are left in the business. You're unhappy, but you don't quit. Why? The health and life insurance? The 401k plan? The paid vacation? Those are all very legitimate reasons, but you're still stressed and unhappy. There just doesn't seem like a way out.


No matter how bad the situation, there is always an alternative. You might have to start slow and work up to it, but it can be done if you're determined to make a change. How about working at home on your computer? You do everything else on your computer. You play games, watch TV, correspond with your family, exchange photos with friends. The internet is a gold mine of opportunity for you. Just jump in and start looking! Think of something you love doing, like a hobby or sport, for instance. Search and you will find many opportunities to make money with those things. It may be a company website that you can promote or a multilevel internet marketing business. Maybe you want to start your own business. All of this can be done with little or no money and no experience whatsoever.


If this sounds like a good alternative to that queasy stomach in the morning, go for it! Get educated. Find a coach or mentor that will instruct you in how to set up a website, where to find your products and how to market your product. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to a better life with much less stress.


Author, Lorraine Ballard, lives in the mountains of North Carolina. She shares her small farm with a flock of hand raised chickens and a small herd of silly goats.

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