Understanding Men When He Doesnt Call

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Understanding Men When He Doesnt Call

Isn't it the worst thing when a guy promises to call you later, but never does? I'm pretty sure every one of us has experienced this at least once in their lives. It's one of the classic symptoms of an impending break-up.

So you wait -- often way past midnight. But he never called! You thought:

"If he doesn't call me back, he mustn't love me enough"

"If he doesn't call me back, he must be up to something."

"If he doesn't call me back, then I won't call him anymore. Let's see how HE
likes it."

Most women will feel this way whenever your own boyfriend doesn't call you back when he promises, too.

Some relationship didn't work out, and it ended in a bad break-up because the break-up wasn't caused by the guys habit of NOT calling back. It was caused by your own crazy beliefs about WHY he wasn't calling!

So the next time you notice he's not calling back as often as you want anymore, keep these three thoughts in mind:

Thought #1 - It's no big deal.

Yes, it isn't! It's a fact that men who don't call back often have valid reasons not to.

Sometimes they ARE as busy as they say they are, and they work well into the night.

Thought #2 - Overreacting will only make things worse.

You guessed it -- your relationship failed simply because I overreacted to a few missed phone calls.

AFTER you overreacted, he didn't callback -- this time, because he DIDN'T WANT TO. See the difference overreacting makes?

Bite back the impulse to get back at him. It doesn't work, it makes things worse, and you'll end up with an even BIGGER problem than before!

Thought #3 - There are better things to spend your time on.

Women should NEVER feel dependent on our men. To be more specific, we should NEVER solely depend on them for our happiness and contentment.

As a result, our health, our careers, our families, our friends, and even our own self-development takes a back seat!

And that's never a good thing. The less balanced your life is, the less attractive you become to your boyfriend -- and any other men you meet, for that matter!

So remember that there are better things to spend your time on than "scheming revenge."

Take the time to work on your health. Meet your girlfriends. Advance your career. Touch base with the family. Focus on creating a well-balanced life!

What's more, you can take the time to improve your "game" when it comes to the relationship. You could learn more about the right ways of talking and feeling with him, triggering a deeper chemistry and actually making him WANT to stay in touch with you more often.

So is he not calling back as often? Then take the time and opportunity to learn the Unmask The Male Mind -- these are the "tricks" and "tactics" of getting through straight to his HEART!

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