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Posted on Jan 31 2013 at 12:41:32 PM in Books

I have set up the new official website of Johnston Karate's in-house student manual, Understanding Karate Do, which represents years of research, training, and teaching. Karate is an exciting and rewarding holistic pursuit practiced by millions around the world. Whether you are an existing or prospective student of martial arts, there is always something new to learn.

Understanding Karate Do - Official Website

I have hopefully provided a good starting point, as this book details a brief history of karate, detailed descriptions of general principles (such as "ma-ai" or the concept of proper fighting distance), as well as lists of techniques, drills, and kata practiced in various karate styles. There are also articles on Japanese terminology, physical conditioning, karate precepts and philosophy, and more. Hopefully, there is something for both beginners and experts. Understanding Karate Do is intended to be a useful resource as potential and current students training in karate.

The book also details Mizuumi ryu Karate, the style of Johnston Karate. The style is dedicated to the development of body, mind, and spirit. The nucleus of the style is formed by Heiwado Karate (the style founded by Japan International Karate Center), Boxing, and grappling arts.

Understanding Karate Do is also available through Amazon as a professionally bound and printed trade paperback book, and as a Kindle E-Book. Please visit the Understanding Karate Do website for store links! The official trade paperback book and Kindle editions both include an extra section containing most of the material from our two supplementary guides.

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