Understand your Child’s Emotional Needs

Posted on Oct 10 2011 at 03:54:50 PM in Medicine

The key factor in preventing children from developing depression and become dependent on antidepressant medications is for parents to know their child’s emotional needs as stated in Jennifer Gibson’s blog at the brain blogger website. There is an alarming increase in number of depressed children as stated in a longitudinal study by Washington University School of Medicine.


Gibson added the key is for parents to have an open communication with their children, not only are the parents but as well as the teachers and caregivers because this can help in the child’s emotional development.


The Childfirstworld.com website states that if parents want their kids to grow up big and strong not only physically but as well as emotionally is to fully nurture the children’s inner lives.


 For the children to grow as mature and well-adjusted adults, they need to adequately fulfill their essential emotional needs.


When parents give constant attention to their children and develop bonding moment with their children, their kids will feel valuable.


It also mention about parental understanding which creates deep feeling of trust between parent and child that enables them to confide with their parents about problems they are facing, rather than try to hide them due to fear of punishment.

 When the children are growing up, the parents should provide a balanced environment of clearly and enforced limits that are fair, non-oppressive and occasionally negotiable.


 A new research indicates that parents who are expressive with their love among their children could stimulate the growth of neuronal connections within the brain , in those areas associated with positive emotions, giving kids the best possible chance to live a lifetime filled with inner joy.


To ensure their proper development, there is a need for the children to have their emotions validated and supported when expressed in appropriate ways.  Children feel belongingness to a society when the children have a healthy relationship with their parents or caregivers.


There will be no room for depression to develop among children when parents, caregivers and teachers will properly address their emotional needs which can prevent them from taking antidepressant medication such as Zoloft that has several side effects that can push you of filing a Zoloft Lawsuit.