UK GCHQ Spy Recruitment Code Cracked Within Hours

Posted on Dec 12 2011 at 05:35:42 PM in Security

The UK’s Government Communications HeadquartersGCHQ - the intelligence agency responsible for recruiting spy’s, launched an online code-breaking game in an attempt to attract the country’s brightest minds via an online code-cracking website. According to GCHQ, the code was cracked within hours of it’s release. The agency, which works with MI5 and MI6, has invited applicants to demonstrate their code-cracking ability by deciphering a series of letters and numbers. The initiative is part of a drive to help shore up the country against potential cyber attacks in the future. Successful code-crackers will not only win the internet game – though there isn’t a prize –  but they could also land a job. The game was launched last month and carries on until December 12. Breaking the code, however, does not guarantee a job. A successful code-breaker will be put through to the GCHQ website and invited to apply for a post. So far more than 50 people have successfully cracked the code, a spokesman said, 80 per cent of whom have made an application through the agency’s website. M★S  READ MORE

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