Two Yogurt Franchises: Red Mango versus Pinkberry

Posted on Oct 15 2010 at 09:50:22 AM in Entrepreneurship

Two Yogurt Franchises: Red Mango versus Pinkberry

I would like to offer a review of two yogurt franchises that are California based and have very good products. This weekend I had occasion to visit a Pinkberry yogurt franchise in New York City. The location was on 3rd Avenue near the UN. The decor was very nice and it added appeal to the product. Pinkberry has different flavors of yogurt with a number of toppings ranging from fresh fruit to coconut and dark chocolate. The prices are high, although not for NYC. A medium cup with toppings is $6 plus tax. When we were finished 3 medium cups with toppings cost $24.

Red Mango on the other hand is less pricey. The franchise network has been growing faster than Pinkberry. There is one a few minutes from my home with a new location due to open directly in my home town. The Red Mango yogurt is very good and the toppings fine. The difference compared to Pinkberry is in the pricing.

Both franchises are comparable in terms of fees and investment. The significant difference is that Pinkberry appears to be more suited for the upscale suburbs and cosmopolitan areas like an LA, Chicago and NY.

If you have an opportunity to visit one of the locations give it a try. I think you'll enjoy the experience.

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