Trying to Bulid My New Blog About Pets and Animals!

Posted on Jun 1 2012 at 02:18:10 PM in Animals & Nature

Trying to Bulid My New Blog About Pets and Animals!

Hello Friends and Readers,

Hope you all are doing well!

After a busy time i am again back with my new blog Petcare.The URL of my blog is PETCARE

I have worked with couple of blogs earlier and i have already succeeded in some extent.I have also got one google payment in the previous month.As the idea to buliding up a blog about the beautiful pets were knocking in my mind i just started the new blog.The suface of the blog is so far fine.In this blog i tried to use the pictures of some cute dogs and i also started to view the adsense.Now i am very much concious about the SEO within my blog and i want to make my blog page rank high.

I am working on my posts and my backlinks.This is really a very difficult task.In this situation the viewers of my blog is very less and i want more visitors so i am trying to do what i can do to increase the visitors.If you have any quick idea then you can share this with me.I will be very happy to receive your advise.

I am also trying with some different topics like birds pictures,dog pictures and animals pictures and tips about different topics about their healths.

I have also gathered some information about the hospitals in different country which gives the animal health care service and i am getting most of the visitors on that posts.Hope the visitors are getting help from those addresses and phone numbers.

With Regards,

Petcare Admin

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