Treating Depression during Pregnancy

Posted on Jan 6 2012 at 03:28:43 PM in Health

Changes are part of pregnancy and the woman is the first one to experience it.  Making the necessary adjustments during pregnancy may bring stress and anxiety to the pregnant woman. Experiencing minimal stress and anxiety are often acceptable during this time of transition.  The woman is oftentimes surrounded by people who are happy but she may feel different. Babies born from these women are likely to develop their own issues when they grow up, according to medical research.


Mixed emotions from the mother usually happen when she is unprepared for the pregnancy.  A woman developing severe anxiety and depression during pregnancy usually happens in some cases.  The baby’s development is affected by the mood of the mother.  The baby’s environment changes when the mother feels stressed.  A stressed out woman often gives birth to underweight and premature baby, according to medical research.


Then again we now have different treatments to that can help address depression during and after pregnancy. Depression, even the severe ones, can be treated as long as it is diagnosed.  Prompt, correct diagnosis can yield better results because treatment is given earlier. Medications and therapy go hand-in-hand.  One of the few medications that are thought to be safe during pregnancy are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI).  Medications like Zoloft and Paxil are classified under SSRIs.


Recent, serious discussion is focused on the use of SSRIs during pregnancy. Recent study results show that using SSRIs during the first trimester may cause Zoloft birth defects to the fetus.  This new  finding has brought about confusion on women who are taking the drug and are pregnant.  Depending on the time it was taken, the side effects of the drug may vary.  The baby is likely to develop birth defects when it is taken during the first trimester because it is the time for body organ development.  Premature labor is the main problem when the drug is taken during the third trimester.


Doctors are advised by the Food and Drug Administrator (FDA) to weigh the risk and benefits before prescribing the drug. Patients are also asked by their doctors if they are willing to try the treatment despite the risks involved.  Doctors advise the patients to inform them when they are taking Zoloft and have plans of getting pregnant. They may be be given different options if they are not comfortable with taking the drug while on the family way.  A Zoloft lawsuit was filed by women who have babies that developed birth defects due to Zoloft.

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