Tragedy and Healing: Her Thoughts (Part 2)

Posted on May 10 2012 at 09:58:15 PM in People

The Healing Process

She slid her feet through the sand and felt the hundreds of grains slip between her toes. Looking up, she was amazed to see a graceful pod of dolphins diving in and out of the waves so beautifully. They appeared to be having so much fun playing close to the sand bar. She remembered the fun she had the first year or so of college.

She thought back to her first year and a half or so of college, how very different it was from high school. She made friends so easily and they genuinely wanted to be around her. She had so much fun going to footballl and basketball games, cheering for her school, going with friends out to eat, and even studying for classes. She loved the classes she took and thrived in the classes, still determined to succeed. She was away from family and high school stress and it felt great. There were no memories of her victimization. They stayed so deep down inside.

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